From hair halos to Cara’s brows: this week’s fashion trends

December 12, 2016 13:16
Going up

Old Harry cotton sweaters The fisherman jumper to buy: chunky, in sensible colours and only £65.

Lacoste Spirit Elite Light, white and with that croc on the side. Your spring trainers have come early. Part Larry David Normcore, part preppy: all good.

Hair halos Solange’s braided hairpiece on SNL is the ideal Christmas party accessory, no?

Heist tights OK, so £20 sounds a lot for a pair of tights, but these guys are seamless, removing that annoying line visible at the front your skirt. Strangely satisfying.

Juju On That Beat The dance of the year is a delight, mainly because it reminds us of Ross and Monica’s “routine” in Friends.

The new Palace ad Like an 80s Lynx advert with added Patrick Bateman. It’s a lolfest.

Going down

Cara’s brows Replace your brow-spo icon with Lily-Rose Depp. Perfectly scowly.

Christmas tree anxiety Dragging the box out of the cupboard inevitably means broken baubles.

President Our favourite title right now is head of imagination, Pharrell’s position at G-Star.

“Frow”, “shoulder robing”, etc The best new fashion word is “wardrobing”, used for the kind of clothes that aren’t fashion fashion, just really nice. To wit, “Cos does great wardrobing.”

Shirt collars over jumpers It’s all about the frill of a pie crust now. Think Diana before she was a princess.

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