Teen driver Facebook live streamed own car crash death

December 12, 2016 13:16
TWO tragic teens live streamed the fatal moment a tractor rammed into their car – killing them both instantly.

Brooke Miranda Hughes, 18, was driving while broadcasting a video on Facebook seconds before the deadly crash on Tuesday just after midnight. Friend and passenger Chaniya Morrison-Toomey, 19, then asked: “Are you going live?” Moments later, the tractor-trailer veered into the teens near Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, crushing them both to death.

FACEBOOK TRAGIC: Chaniya Morrison-Toomey (pictured left) and Brooke Miranda Hughes (pictured right)

WNEP MANGLED: The remains of the vehicle

For seven minutes after the collision, the live stream blacked out, until a man with a blurred face was eventually seen talking. Mysteriously, an unknown person uploaded the video to Facebook after the crash, New York Daily News reported. Michael Jay Parks, the driver of the tractor, was unharmed and it is not clear whether he will face charges. State Trooper Dave Peters, of Pennsylvania State Police, believes Hughes was driving with a flat tire.

WNEP CRASH: The teens was crushed and died instantly

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