College of Public Affairs students reflect on John Glenn’s impact

December 12, 2016 13:05
COLUMBUS (WCMH) — John Glenn would visit the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at least once a week according to Trevor Brown the college’s dean.

Those visits were not just to walk the halls of the building that bears his name, but to make connections and inspire the students inside of them.

Second year MPA student Joshua Reisen remembers that day he met Mr. Glenn. It was a visitation for him and other students.

“It was one of those moment in your life you’ll just cherish,” said Reisen. “We’re bright-eyed students. You know John Glenn’s done so much you want to pepper him questions about, what was it like to be in space or what was it like to run for president.”

Glenn did not want to focus on himself, it was about them.

“He always wanted to talk with us and talk about his belief in public service and why he thought what we were doing was so important,” said Reisen.

It is a moment many students here at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs said happened with regularity. That was John Glenn hanging out here at the college he help found.

Susannah Montgomery is another second year student who said even though her encounter was brief it was still impactful.

“This person means so much to me being a part of his school,” said Montgomery. “When I had the chance to meet him he’s just taking a walk with his wife and he took the time out of his day to say, ‘hi.'”

It was the simple hello’s or the insightful conversations that will forever live in the minds of the students and the walls of this college.

“He was absolutely an inspiration to me as a young man,” said Reisen.

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